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Friday, March 03, 2006

the quantum gap is a limit to abstract thinking

There is a finite limit to abstract thinking and it is called the quantum-gap.
The quantum-gap changed the old Newtonian Physics into Modern or Quantum Physics

The quantum-gap organizes particles-waves-photons( physics’ particles) into atoms and molecules, and the collection of molecules like our brains-bodies…and even the universe.
Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, tells us that it is pure illusion that physics’ particles (photons/waves) can organize each other, or control each other, because all the organizing and all the doing is done by the quantum-gap.
Particles cannot do things to each other. Particles cannot be doers. This is because the quantum-gap is an absolute barrier that keeps each particle completely separate/isolated from all others. The quantum-gap thus excludes a particle from all others. This exclusion can only happen if particles cannot interact with each other… and the quantum-gap is the absolute guarantee.
And so if there is a law of Quantum Mechanics it is: No matter how many particles there are, and NO MATTER how they are organized into bodies, they, particles, cannot be doers because the quantum-gap is the ONLY Doer.
When Modern Physics tells us that doing things is pure illusion, fiction, it is not telling us anything new. The illusion of doing is the same in all fiction, like stories in books, and movies, even computers. Physics is thus no exception.
A book is made up of words. Words cannot do things any more than particles can do things.
Letters and words cannot organize each other into novels because the gaps between them do the organizing. OR, without the gaps between letters and words there would only be meaningless letters of the alphabet. The space between words, in a book, prevents the words from interacting with each other exactly like the quantum-gap prevent physics’ particles from interacting with each other.

So too with movies. In a movie there are no doers on the movie-screen. The doing or action is pure illusion, fiction. All the doing, organizing, is being done by the gaps between the “moving-pictures”, which do not move even though the movie appears to move.
So too in sleep-dreams and hallucinations. There are no doers in dreams, only the thoughts that make up the dream.
TV works the same: there is/are no doers inside a TV.
The binary-code of computers tell us the exact same story of fiction: the binary-code cannot do things – the illusion of doing is organized by the gaps in/between the binary-code. ( The gap/s between the binary-code work like the space between words work, the way quantum-gap between particles work. )
The quantum-gap is thus the objective-absolute and the particles it organizes is so subjective that it has to be pure illusion, fiction.
The particles are purely subjective because the imaginary-observer determines the observations – be these observations particles or waves or photons or probability-clouds.
The observer has to be imaginary because the separation of the observer from the observations is pure illusion. This is because the quantum-gap separates all particles so that THEY MUST EXCLUDE EACH OTHER FROM INTERACTING… OR, their interaction is pure illusion. The illusion of brain and body is not so much that the body is separate from the universe … the illusion of brain-body is that all the cells and parts of the brain-body are connected somehow to form a doing and thinking unit .. this connection of the parts of the body-brain is not only an illusion, fiction, but in fact the Supreme Comedy.

This quantum-gap is a strange place that works exactly like physics’ black-hole.
There can be no observer inside a quantum-gap for every reason, but especially two: ONE, an observer is made up of particles which by definition are excluded from the quantum-gap. TWO: there can be no observer inside or even outside the quantum-gap because an observer is a doer – and the quantum-gap is the only Doer.

What physics does not tell us about its quantum-gap is that it is Heaven it-SELF.
Heaven it-SELF organizes all particles to appear to be doing things when there is no doer, there is no thinker, only Heaven it-SELF. Heaven it-SELF, the quantum-gap, is the only Doer.
Heaven it-SELF is an ocean of unfathomable BLISS, Samadhi, Nirvana, in which the universe is not even an imaginary drop.
And our reality is the Supreme Comedy but only because it has all sorts of imaginary doers, exactly like me, that think they are doing things when there is no thinking any more than there is doing.
Reality is the Supreme Comedy from every imaginable direction but mostly because it never appears to be what it is – thoughts, particles – because the imaginary observer determined the imaginary observations that is simply: Heaven’s fiction.
That our rock-solid and ever-changing and never-appearing-to-be-what-it-is “reality” is Heaven’s fiction is the Supreme Comedy.

And if there is no doers, and if there is no such thing as thinking, then what are all these words about? All these words are just a comical part of the Supreme Comedy that we just as comically call our reality.
-- UV-gap


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