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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the outer Guru called Physics

Over the years technology has liberated more than just a few individuals from religion’s devil-driven grip. The result is more or less agnosticism, Gnosticism and especially atheism.

Devout atheists no more need a god than they need the devil. And they need the devil no more than a dog needs fleas.
Physics will make the inner and outer gurus of old as obsolete as witches are, and as obsolete and useless as gods are to atheists. It will do this because it does everything these gurus did/do without the needless verbiage of scriptures and their gods.

What has physics got to do with gurus and their SELF-Realization?

There are three types of gurus. Everything that has to do with the mind is a false-guru. The false-guru leads us on a wild-goose-chase. Call the wild-goose-chase life, the mind. These false-gurus are the ones we seek but can never find because everything that needs seeking changes, and if by some miracle it does not change then the seeker changes.

Then there is the rare outer Guru. This outer Guru is rare because it cannot be found mostly because it looks like all the false-gurus except for one thing.
The only thing that separates the true outer Guru from false-gurus is a Direction. This Direction points to the inner GURU that is Heaven it-SELF. The outer Guru is totally different from all the false-gurus because of this Direction that points the seeker, devotee, inwards, to the timless inner GURU.
If a guru does anything else but point inwards to the inner GURU, Heaven it-SELF, it is by definition a false-guru, a fake, an imposter, just another wild-goose to chase.

Words in a book, or scriptures, are all false-gurus that lead the reader on a wild-goose chase, which is the story. The only words in a book that work as a Guru is if they point the reader to the gap between words, the gap between letters, a Gap that is Heaven it-SELF, the inner GURU.
In life all thoughts are false-gurus, or wild-gooses, except for the rare thought that directs us to the thoughtless gap between thoughts that is Heaven it-SELF, the inner GURU.
Physics works the same. All particles-waves are false-gurus except when they point us to the gap between particles, the quantum-gap, that is the exact same Heaven it-SELF.

There is no outer guru. Heaven it-SELF, the inner GURU, is all there is.
Everything that is not Heaven is Heaven’s fiction, thoughts, words, particles, false-gurus, and even Gurus. And all these thoughts, particles, are false-gurus unless they point back to Heaven it-SELF: the thoughtless-Silence between thoughts, the wordless-space between words, the thoughtless-Silence of dreamless-sleep, the quantum-gap between particles, which is the Unified Field.

The Hindus call this Unified Field Samadhi, and the Buddhists call it Nirvana. Samadhi is simply the infinite BLISS that is Heaven it-SELF, the inner GURU.

The quantum-gap is an interesting place/thing. All the particles and waves are false-gurus because they all tell us that the quantum-gap cannot exist. But without the quantum-gap there would be no particles, or anything else (to tell us anything, let alone lead us on a wild-goose-chase by telling us that the quantum-gap cannot exist).
All change in the universe involves particles/waves going from one quantum level to another. And particles have to do this “change” in such a way that they MUST go through the quantum-gap but NEVER enter it.
All this is utterly impossible, UNLESS particles are just thoughts.

If particles could enter the quantum-gap then BY DEFINITION – the quantum gap could not exist.

So the quantum-gap is an Absolute, the inner GURU, without which there could not only be no change in the universe, but without it there could also be no atoms or molecules that the universe needs for all its order and disorder, time and space. (Without the quantum-gap there would be no periodic table that gives us all the elements the universe needs for all its order and disorder. The quantum-gap thus works like a filter or lens that filters all the particles into thoughts like atoms and molecules that account for all the order and disorder in the universe.)

Physics will make the spiritual gurus of old obsolete because it needs no verbiage of gods and scriptures to point towards the quantum-gap that is the inner GURU that is Heaven it-SELF.

Physics will make the gurus of old obsolete because it opens the door of SELF-Realization to literally everyone, and then some.
Physics will do what previously gurus or even gods could not imagine. Physics will make SELF-Realization far more likely for an atheist than it can make SELF-Realization possible for someone who is preoccupied chasing wild-gooses like gods, and their scriptures, and gurus, on the outside when Heaven it-SELF is the GURU inside, be it an atheist, or a Christian, or even the devil himself.

Ramana Maharshi was a true outer Guru for Papaji. But for only one simple reason: Direction.
And for this same reason he, Ramana Maharshi, is a false-guru for everyone else who chases his words and deeds around the place on a wild-goose-chase.

At an early age Papaji was Buddha. Later on he would hallucinate Krishna. One day Ramana asked him what he was doing and Papaji told Ramana that he was playing with Krishna.
Ramana then told Papaji that he (Papaji/Ramana) was Krishna. And from that simple Direction Papaji’s seeking was over, he was Heaven it-SELF, he was SELF-Realized.

For those who get Christ’s message “Heaven is inside” he is a true outer Guru.
For everyone else the same Christ is an imposter, just another wild-goose to chase.

For those who get Buddha’s message “You are Buddha” he is a true outer Guru.
For everyone else the same Buddha is an imposter, just another wild-goose to chase.

And the guru called Physics is no different from Christ or Ramana or Buddha except that it, Physics, also works for Atheists just as well as it works for intellectuals and criminals, even devils.

And physics can even work as a Guru for physicists
provided they know what “Direction” means.

-- and this is the Supreme Truth because Heaven is all there is. Everything else is just Heaven’s fiction, thoughts. And thoughts cannot be doers to agree or disagree with Heaven it-SELF.

-- UV-gap, Heaven it-SELF

Monday, January 09, 2006

Physics’ Observer

Physics tells us that the observer determines the observations. This can only be explained with hallucinations. The observer determines the observations because the observer is hallucinating, fiction. Physics is trying to tell us that it is, and thus life is, our hallucination.
This might sound like utter insanity but that is exactly what our sleep-dreams are: our hallucinations. So why should the mind, and its life, change its ways from sleep-dreams to when it hallucinates that it wakes up every morning, to study the likes of physics?
If physics is right and the observer determines the observations then everything in physics adds up in such a perfect way that it is far -far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. This Supreme Perfection physics calls its Unified Field. It is more or less its quantum-gap without which there can be no particles let alone universe.

This quantum-gap "organizes" particles that have no control over each other or the quantum-gap.

If physics is wrong and the observer does not determine the observations then not only do things not add up, but we need one impossibility on top of limitless of others to KEEP trying to explain why physics is not our hallucination, fiction.

The Supreme Comedy called mind and its life only ends with physics. It was first Realized over 5000 years ago when sages around the Indus River, in India, used meditation to study their thoughts. This Study of thoughts would be called the Supreme Science.
These sages used meditation to study their thoughts and then they compared notes to UNIVERSALLY discover that thoughts had universe-vanishing gaps between them. These UV-gaps are exactly like quantum-gaps.
These quantum gaps made it UNIVERSALLY impossible for thoughts to be connected to each other.
When these sages compared their notes they also Universally discovered what physicists would Universally discover 5000 years later, that thoughts were not only disconnected but they were totally unpredictable. Physics would call this unpredictability their Uncertainty Principle.
These sages thus discovered what Physics would discover: that the mind and its life is our illusion, fiction, hallucination.
This illusion, or fiction, hallucination, we call the mind/life these sages called Maya. And this Maya makes everything that appears certain, “real,” into karma.
These sages of old would give to us the non-duality philosophy/theology of Advaita.

The only difference between Maya and karma is the word certainty. Karma is certain.
All of mankind’s certainties are based on the mother and father of all certainties: that the mind is always dreaming that it is awake. So the same certainty the mind has that it is awake in sleep-dreams defines the same certainty it has when it certain that it wakes up each morning.
That the mind and its life is pure illusion, fiction, a hallucination, might not sound very funny until the laughter of Realization makes it funny … far, far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, even the wildest dreams of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.
When the Reality of this illusion hits us it is an unfathomable JOY and uncontrollable/hysterical Laughter called Kundalini. When there is no mind/thoughts to dilute Kundalini then it is the Reality that is Heaven itself , called Samadhi, Nirvana.

And this comedy called mind, and its life, is supreme because the mind is just a collection of thoughts just like a book is a collection of words. And thus sleep-dreams and life are made up of the same thoughts, the mind – just like the same neutrons make up atoms that make up different molecules that make up both air and rock.
And so life and its physics, and universe, does not need a Big Band to start, or end, the story of mankind, because it can start and end just as EFFORTLESSLY and quickly and totally as can any sleep-dream start and end.
And this Realization alone makes the fiction/hallucination we call mind/life into the Supreme Comedy: that the universe and its mankind can vanish just as EFFORTLESSLY and totally and suddenly as can any thought.
And these words must define the Supreme Truth because in all fiction/dreams/hallucinations there is no other, there is no doer, that can agree or disagree. (That would be like having a word in a book that can rewrite the book any way it wants to.)
And this simple fact – that there is no doer, that there is no other -- makes the Supreme Comedy, called mind, really-really funny and thus Supreme.
-- the “there is no other” called Heaven.