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Monday, November 28, 2005

UV-gap is Reality's only law: the Unified Field

Reality’s, the Unified Field’s, only LAW:
Without the quantum-gap there is nothing.
With the quantum-gap there is still nothing

But the quantum-gap organizes this nothing into fiction,
the thoughts that masquerade as everything that is different in the universe.

The message: the quantum-gap is Reality, the Unified Field, that is EVERYTHING and this Reality’s nothing is the fiction we call thoughts, physics’ particles.

These thoughts can masquerade as everything that physics calls its waves/particles/probability-clouds to make up all the order and also all the chaos in the universe. (Without the quantum-gap there would be no elements, like metals and non-metals, the universe needs for all its order and also chaos.).

Since the word quantum-gap seems to have no meaning to physicists, perhaps a different name for the same quantum-gap would work better, the UV-gap, universe-vanishing-gap. We need a different name so that it could then be universal to all the fields of fiction, thoughts, even to the likes of philosophy and theology.

This UV-gap is the only explanation for why just one thing, thoughts, (neutrons) can masquerade as everything that is different in the universe. Without this UV-gap there would be no Periodic Table and its elements that the universe needs for all its order and also disorder.

To modern physicists it is Self-evident that without the quantum-gap (UV-gap) there can be no Periodic Table. Without the Periodic Table there can be no elements of the Periodic Table and thus there would be no metals and non-metals the Universe needs for all its order and also disorder. This order and disorder of particles is the same order and disorder thoughts/words need for all of Reality’s fictions be they the sciences or humanities or theologies.

This UV-gap makes it SELF-evident that the differences between thoughts, fiction, are pure illusion. It is the illusion we need to think that the fiction of a novel is different from the fiction of a radio program, or it is different from the fiction of a TV show, or that of a movie… or the fiction a computer can create when it is hooked up to our brain… like in the movie The Matrix. To the UV-gap, Reality, all fiction has to be exactly the same because they are the same Reality’s nothings.
Since all fiction is the same to work the same all we have to do is take one type of fiction and study how the gaps make it work and then everything that is not Reality, fiction, will become SELF-evident.

In all fictions there is/are gaps between everything that appears different when they are in fact the same, just thoughts.
Language, words, gives us a good example. In a novel there are gaps between not only words (think: physics’ molecules) but also the letters, (think: physic’s atoms.) If the gaps were not there then we could not even have the alphabet that words needs to be words.

The collection of thoughts called mind is/works exactly like the collection of thoughts, words, in a book.

To this UV-gap ( the Reality or Unified Field that is EVERYTHING) all fiction has to be/work the same because all fiction is Reality’s nothing: thoughts.
(And if the reader thinks that spilled-blood and broken-bones cannot be thoughts then that is EXACTLY what the mind thinks in its sleep-dreams when they have to be thoughts.)

And when this UV-gap is the word Kundalini, then it can explode from between thoughts as the UNFATHOMABLE JOY (Samadhi) and Laughter that makes the fiction called life not only SELF-evident but it turns this fiction called life into the Supreme Comedy. This comedy is supreme because it makes Mickey Mouse in the TV set no more or less of a fiction than are the thoughts, called ego, that think they are observing the Mickey Mouse in the TV set.

And if this UV-gap is too surreal to fathom then it is only because it is YOU and the mind you call “life” is YOUR fiction that is the Supreme Comedy when fictions appear different when in fact they are all same.

-- UV-gap


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